Job Search Hacks & Strategies for the Digital Era: A Job Search Guidebook for How to Use Technology to your Advantage and Land the Career of your Dreams

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Are you looking for a rewarding career?

Are you returning to the workforce after being out of work for a while?

Do you want to change careers?

In today’s technology heavy digital world, job searching has become more complicated and multi-faceted. This book will help you navigate the new digital landscape and give you the tools to land the job you want.

Long gone are the days of simply walking into an establishment, dressed in your best suit, filling out a paper application in hopes of beating out the next guy for that coveted position. Nowadays, your first impression will most likely be made online.

This book is your ultimate guide to finding, applying for, and landing that dream job.

You’ll learn:

  • How to be realistic and set achievable goals
  • How to evaluate what kind of employee you are
  • How to be innovative in this new job market
  • How to navigate and utilize online job search engines to get your foot in the door
  • The imperative measures to showcase your best self
  • Questions you should ask a prospective employer
  • The right way to use social media to find jobs but also to put yourself on display
  • How to combat the rise of technology replacing jobs
  • How to define and fit into the corporate culture while maintaining your individuality

As a bonus, there is an extensive listing of helpful websites and articles so you can dive even deeper into your research.

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When you’re finished reading this manual, you should be prepared to find a job you enjoy and know how to present yourself to employers via the Internet in your industry or related industry through job search engines, social media, and employment job search sites.

It’s all in your hands at the touch of a button! Here’s to your success!